The Moral Limits of Markets.

O vídeo abaixo é uma conferência de Debra Satz, em 2010, com o título The Moral Limits of Markets. Um pequeno excerto do início da palestra:
Sometimes, it seems as if everything is for sale. Markets and market-like practices are extending their reach in almost every sphere of our lives. Here are a few of the weirder examples.
A Russian company offers services with a minimum charge of 34 dollars to provide an alibi for an adulterer’s absence.
A Chilean cemetery is now charging 462 dollars for an alarm built into coffins to ensure against being buried alive which has been a problem at this particular cemetery.
Some University of Michigan students have been getting a 100-dollar cash payments if they agreed to keep their dorm rooms presentable and open the doors of respective students and their parents can take a look during campus visits. Participants must let tour groups see their room in the middle of the day and they have to be out of bed and dressed before noon. (…)
The British firm Gamestation has added the following clause to its sales contracts: “By placing an order via this website on the first day of the fourth month of the year 2010 Anno Domini you agree to grant us a nontransferable option to claim for now and forevermore your immortal soul”. Now, as you might have guessed, this was meant as an April fools’ joke. Nevertheless literally thousands of people who bought online games that day unwittingly checked the box agreeing to these terms. (…)
Okay, here’s one that unfortunately is not a joke. Carry Smith sits with her 11-years-old son Brady at a tattoo parlor in Salt Lake City after goldenpalace.com was tattooed on her forehead. Smith advertised the space on her forehead on eBay which the Golden Palace Casino purchased for 10.000 dollars and she plans to use the money to send her son to a private school.

A conferencista entra em cena, depois das apresentações, aos 5 minutos; passa dos preliminares à substância mais ao menos ao minuto 6.

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