debates na (des)União.

«Only by breaking the link between the refinancing of banks and the solvency of national governments will it be possible to stabilise the supply of credit in crisis countries. If the refinancing of banks – and the insurance of bank deposits – can be made independent of the financial state of the respective domiciling country, national sovereign crises can be decoupled from the private sector financing.»
Excerto desta tomada de posição em resposta a...

... “A letter from 172 German-speaking economists published by the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) lambasts the steps taken towards a banking union by euro-zone leaders at a summit last week in Brussels. It has unleashed a counterblast from government heavyweights and their economic advisers, leaving the public even more confused. (...)The 172 academics are indignant and warn of dire consequences for German citizens when they end up guaranteeing balance-sheets three times the size of all euro-zone public debt.” (aqui)

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